Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I have been playing Runescape since 2009 since some unusual turn of events happened in my life.  I needed some diversion which I got from this game and never looked back.  My main is now almost maxed in combat and I have several 99 capes.  I need to get quest cape, max cape and completionist cape.

I decided to create a hardcore ironman account.  For those unaware, a hardcore ironman is a character which does not respawn upon death unlike a normal character.  I only have one life in this account and if this character dies, the account will be locked and I can no longer play on this account.  I want to see how far I go but I will be careful. 

I trained my combat skills in Burthrope by killing level 5 wolves and level 2 cows.  I mined some copper ore and I just need to mine tin ores to make bronze bars.  I had a daily challenge of burning 16 regular logs.  My combat level is at level 5 which we all start at level 3.  My other skills that went up a little bit are fishing, mining, firemaking, and the combat skills like defense, attack, and prayer.  I have all the quests to do but no hurry since I cannot afford to let this character die.

I will give some tips on hardcore ironman along the way and hope all you wonderful readers enjoy this blog.

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