Friday, October 14, 2016

My recent news about my hardcore and ironman lives on Runescape.  The pressure is on for the hardcore to stay alive.  That account is in a clan and maxes at the citadel just like my main does.  When I max at the citadel, I can do my REM stage of sleep since that is one of the very few things on Runescape one can REM.  Most skills you cannot REM.  Agility is not even afkable like many claim it is.  Combat sure is not.  My hardcore account mines and mining at the citadel is REMable.  Woodcutting anywhere on Runescape whether it is Geilinor or Citadel is REMable.  That is just how I got 99 woodcutting on my main.  Thieving in Priffs is afkable and a great money maker.  That is just how my main got 99 on Thieving and it was a glorious moment in my life.  Now I can have a real life cape made to be displayed at my funeral for all the visitors to see.  My main will be the eventually the first to get 500M xp in thieving.  I am no longer going to comp cape.  It is being the top score in thieving.  I will not get comp cape on any accounts.  I learned one thing on life in Geilinor.  Comp Caping is grossly overrated.  All  it does is put the pressure on all the players to get their levels to the max and then get the "list" of things done.  They keep adding to the list like clockwork.  Now they have the arc and more things are added.  Now everyone is going to uncharted islands and for what you ask me.  Well this is all madness if you ask me.  Now they have ARC II and now more requirements for comp caping.  Now those who have played this game for years are not about to give up on comp caping and frankly I cannot blame them.  They have too much at stake here.  All these years of membership and time invested and there have been many permanent friendship bonds formed on this game.  How can we ever forget the gamer friend we once killed blue dragons with or did agility at Ape Atoll with back in 2012.  How can we also ever forget the friends we meet at stars and keep informing one another about stars and we all help one another just to survive in the world of Geilinor that is under constant threat from outside forces.  Yes, it is just a game we all have to remember but once we are in there, it is all a different world.

Back to my one phase on my main account on Runescape.  It has not seen ARC II.  I have been so busy trying to level my ironman and hardcore.  My hardcore finally got the fletching to the point of killing those lessors and then the slayer was hill giants which was very easy.  Now the issue lies in dailies.  That is something that ironmen and hardcores should not have to be bothered with.  It is very hard to get materials to do everything.  GE is closed to people like me.  I needed to use viswax a lot but then it is the thing of making the required runes just to get the wax.  Runecrafting is very time consuming and painful.  My hardcore cannot go in abyss yet as death is inevitable at this combat level.  That account does not yet have the money nor the the levels to buy divine jar so should death occur that character can pay the grim reaper and respawn.  Dungeoneering is out since my ironman and hardcore cannot do sinkholes.  My main only does sinkholes and used tokens for scrolls and is now saving up for pets.  Why bother with the bosses and dumbness of a depressing looking dungeon all for chaotics.  Not worth it at all.  None of my accounts are getting chaotics.  It is just the whole principal of how to obtain chaotics that bothers me.  I am not into pain at all and I cannot stand the thought of others in pain.  Since getting chaotics means a lot of anguish then please do not do it since there are more important things in life.  This is just a game so have fun and enjoy! :)

Monday, October 3, 2016

Dear Readers:  Just want to keep you posted that in case I don't update my levels or progress in here; it simply means I have "life" situations.  I have to keep up with my life.  Yesterday I was online a little bit and did some fletching.  I cut oak trees and fletched shortbows and then leveled to shieldbows.  I sold them all to a store at their wholesale price.  We cannot use GE but we can alch for coins or sell to store.  I need to get my mage level up to high alching to make more money.

I also found out that any ironman accounts should keep up their fletching level to the range level.  My slayer task now on my hardcore is Lessor Demons and all I could make was a bronze crossbow since they are weak to bolts.  Those bolts did not work very well.  Took forever to kill a lessor so I am now focused on fletching.  I am learning each time I play on this account.  I am determined not to die on this account.

Friday, September 30, 2016

It has been a while since I posted on here due to the fact that last weekend was double bonus experience weekend.  That only applied to my main and not my hardcore account nor my ironman account.  I got my 99 thieving on my main account.  Today, I found out on my ironman account that avernic wand is very weak and that I should either use batwing wands or spider wands which can be handcrafted.  My ironman was in Brimhaven dungeon killing bronze dragons which took a few trips since I had to keep logging in and out and because of my work offline.  That avernic wand I learned a big lesson about.  I almost died until I moved to a safe area.  I ran out of food.  The whole background was turning red (which means you are close to death).  I tellied and fished in Catherby for bass.  I sold the other fish like those low level ones (cod and mackerals) to Hank and made some money.  My main would have dropped those fish.  I also drop leather boots and gloves since I am no longer alching them.

Luck came my way last night.  I charged orbs at the fire obelisk in Taverly dungeon.  I have been buying empty battlestaffs from Naff whenever I have cash.  When I tried to attach the orbs to the bstaff, I noticed I was one level off from being able to do that so I knew I had to make crafting potion.  I checked to make sure I had herblore level which I do and I was getting ready to head to lumbridge swamp caves to fish for frog spawns for the potion.  Then what do you know?  An impling heads my way and I caught it and got frog spawn.  I made the fire battlestaffs and alched them and got my first load of some cash.  That is acceptable for a start.  It is not in the millions but better than "nickeling it and diming it".  I need to raise money as well to get planks and cloths for a daily that has been sitting there.  I need to make 120 four poster bed flatpacks.  I need curry tree seed to plant a curry tree so I can do another daily of making curry.  The other dailies I can keep up with.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Almost a week now that I have had the Hardcore account and yes I am still alive.  I wish Jagex would be more careful about their dailies.  Now with the fletching; they want 336 bows done all strung which is very hard on any Ironman account since all Ironman are very poor and cannot buy logs from the log shop.  There is a log shop south of ge station and we cannot use ge either nor trade.  We have to cut our own logs and fletch all those bows and string them.  Then I had to dung the other day at complexity 6 and this account never dunged before.  This only means I was dunging for two hours just to do my daily.  Alea Frostbite is very hard for noobs.  I did not care and I simply let my character die multiple times since Dungeoneering deaths are safe deaths meaning you do not get banned from game.  Most deaths on hardcore Ironman are unsafe meaning if you die even in wildies, your account is over and banned.  I think you have the option to play on old school which I am not exactly sure.  I happen to like old school where I sometimes go but I need to be on RS3 servers to max out.  I don't think 07 servers have comp cape released yet.  I am not sure when comp cape was released.  When I started playing RS, they did not have dungeoneering, divination nor invention.  My highest skill is construction and I don't even have a player owned house.  I got that level simply from the summer event that Geilinor's beach has.  This account is now combat level 31.  I don't consider that bad for a week old account when one is carrying three accounts on Runescape.  I hope they never give me daily for combat because many things are high risk and I cannot buy any armor since I have no access to ge.

My regular Ironman had to go to bronze dragons in Brimhaven dungeon and in the next room are black demons.  I was doing fine until some jerk pulled a black demon in that room and sicked him on me and took off and ran.  Good thing it was not my Hardcore account.  Some people are true monsters in that word and even on Internet and gaming world.  Anyways, my regular Ironman character took off and ran and tellied out of there because I was dying with a black demon throwing high hits at me (those guys hit hard) and I was also fighting a bronze dragon.  It is good to know ahead of time what to be ready for when my Hardcore Ironman starts in Brimhaven dungeon.  I need to be prepared for the jerks and player monsters.  They are monsters offline and monsters online but in reality, they are cowards since in the minds of those who are monsters lives the biggest coward whose mother probably beat them and at the same time mothered them too much.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I have been playing Runescape since 2009 since some unusual turn of events happened in my life.  I needed some diversion which I got from this game and never looked back.  My main is now almost maxed in combat and I have several 99 capes.  I need to get quest cape, max cape and completionist cape.

I decided to create a hardcore ironman account.  For those unaware, a hardcore ironman is a character which does not respawn upon death unlike a normal character.  I only have one life in this account and if this character dies, the account will be locked and I can no longer play on this account.  I want to see how far I go but I will be careful. 

I trained my combat skills in Burthrope by killing level 5 wolves and level 2 cows.  I mined some copper ore and I just need to mine tin ores to make bronze bars.  I had a daily challenge of burning 16 regular logs.  My combat level is at level 5 which we all start at level 3.  My other skills that went up a little bit are fishing, mining, firemaking, and the combat skills like defense, attack, and prayer.  I have all the quests to do but no hurry since I cannot afford to let this character die.

I will give some tips on hardcore ironman along the way and hope all you wonderful readers enjoy this blog.