Friday, September 30, 2016

It has been a while since I posted on here due to the fact that last weekend was double bonus experience weekend.  That only applied to my main and not my hardcore account nor my ironman account.  I got my 99 thieving on my main account.  Today, I found out on my ironman account that avernic wand is very weak and that I should either use batwing wands or spider wands which can be handcrafted.  My ironman was in Brimhaven dungeon killing bronze dragons which took a few trips since I had to keep logging in and out and because of my work offline.  That avernic wand I learned a big lesson about.  I almost died until I moved to a safe area.  I ran out of food.  The whole background was turning red (which means you are close to death).  I tellied and fished in Catherby for bass.  I sold the other fish like those low level ones (cod and mackerals) to Hank and made some money.  My main would have dropped those fish.  I also drop leather boots and gloves since I am no longer alching them.

Luck came my way last night.  I charged orbs at the fire obelisk in Taverly dungeon.  I have been buying empty battlestaffs from Naff whenever I have cash.  When I tried to attach the orbs to the bstaff, I noticed I was one level off from being able to do that so I knew I had to make crafting potion.  I checked to make sure I had herblore level which I do and I was getting ready to head to lumbridge swamp caves to fish for frog spawns for the potion.  Then what do you know?  An impling heads my way and I caught it and got frog spawn.  I made the fire battlestaffs and alched them and got my first load of some cash.  That is acceptable for a start.  It is not in the millions but better than "nickeling it and diming it".  I need to raise money as well to get planks and cloths for a daily that has been sitting there.  I need to make 120 four poster bed flatpacks.  I need curry tree seed to plant a curry tree so I can do another daily of making curry.  The other dailies I can keep up with.

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