Monday, October 3, 2016

Dear Readers:  Just want to keep you posted that in case I don't update my levels or progress in here; it simply means I have "life" situations.  I have to keep up with my life.  Yesterday I was online a little bit and did some fletching.  I cut oak trees and fletched shortbows and then leveled to shieldbows.  I sold them all to a store at their wholesale price.  We cannot use GE but we can alch for coins or sell to store.  I need to get my mage level up to high alching to make more money.

I also found out that any ironman accounts should keep up their fletching level to the range level.  My slayer task now on my hardcore is Lessor Demons and all I could make was a bronze crossbow since they are weak to bolts.  Those bolts did not work very well.  Took forever to kill a lessor so I am now focused on fletching.  I am learning each time I play on this account.  I am determined not to die on this account.

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